Winter Palace-St Petersburg Ballet/ Palais d’Hiver- St Pétersbourg Ballet 

  • Born in 2004 in the city of Saint Petersburg with the purpose of bringing to the audience all the splendor and the richness of Russian ballet and to present the magnificent productions of the Russian ballet heritage like the Swan Lake, the Nutcracker and others

  • Proudly jumping with a grand jeté towards an ambitious idea of recreating itself under a cultural and artistic idea of a French-Russian ballet, unifying the forces of the greatest schools of classical ballet in the world.

  • From 2014 till today is the ballet of the Prodiges, a great cultural encounter, featured in channel France 2.

  • In 2015 presents the first full-length adaptation for the classical ballet in France the Little Prince Ballet under support of the Antoine de Saint Exupery family during its creation.

The company establishes itself in 2004 in the city of St Petersburg. Eric Gilbert, the creator of the company, a French producer living between France and Russia, wanted to make known all the splendor and richness of the Russian school of ballet and its artwork that essentially represents Russian culture.

The creation of the dance company begins by selecting professional dancers throughout Russia. These dancers and soloists come from St Petersburg, Perm, Yekaterinburg and Moscow. Once formed, the troupe then starts preparing for touring in Europe: France, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium and Italy. It presents ballets from the Russian repertoire such as “Nutcracker”, “Swan Lake” etc.

In 2005 the diffusion and administration of the ballet is entrusted to a production agency called “Rus Art International” situated in Moscow and specialized in ballet. This company manages the artists, and they become residents and employees of the company in Moscow. The firsts soloists employed are Olesya Mamylova, Maria Legotkina, Radiy Miniakhmetov, Kostantin Ganov, among others. All of them are principal dancers and soloists from the “Perm Tchaikovsky Opera and Ballet Theatre” and from the “Yekaterinburg Ballet and Opera Theatre”. The show called  “Russian Seduction” was performed for the next six years  and received enormous success.

Following this achievement the Moscow production team decided to create a very unusual show called “Symphonic Mania” with 140 Russian artists on stage. A symphonic orchestra and the choir are then added to the ballet. This show begins an exceptional tour in France and in Switzerland while being supported and sponsored by companies such as the “Credit Mutuel”, “Tele 7 jour” and “Europe 1”.


The work is gradually becoming more intense therefore the company is planning on making some changes.

The production decided to hire an artistic director that will be in charge of the troupe, Madam Nataya Kitsikava. Then, under her innovative eye, the essentially Russian ballet company will begin transforming into the international one and will open the door for the talented dancers, soloists and choreographers from France, Italy and from Russia, of course.

Madam Kitsikava decided to hire a French choreographer. She is also responsible for recruiting French dancers to reinforce the company. 

For the first time, the Winter Palace-St Petersburg/ Palais d'Hiver- St Pétersbourg ballet presents itself internationally, with the choreographer François Mauduit, in September 2014 during the recording of the show “Prodiges” on France 2. The broadcasting of the show in December 2014 also introduces a new creation of Bolero de Ravel, and announces a premiere show in a new concept of Russian-French ballet “The controverted ballets of the XXth Century”. This show will be produced in France during spring 2015.